to start the conversation

It’s not always easy to ask about someone’s health. But the thing is – you may actually be worried about the same thing; a nagging cough, feeling too tired to go up the stairs, or a job that may have put them at risk. Asking them about it can feel awkward, but it’s necessary. It could be the nudge they need to take action and speak with their doctor about lung cancer.


Here are some examples of ways to break the ice – and the silence:

I’ve noticed you seem more tired than usual. Is there anything going on?

You’ve been working really hard lately and that cough has me worried. What do you think about speaking to your doctor and getting it checked out?

• You remember when you worked in construction way back when? I was reading that asbestos was used a lot then in houses. Maybe we should get your lungs checked? I’ll come with you.

I know you quit smoking, but is it worth getting a check-up of your lungs? Just to be sure. I was reading that when lung cancer is detected early, the chances of survival are a lot higher.

• I’ve got my annual physical coming up. When was your last one? It seemed like a while ago. Maybe you should book one in the next week or two?

•  I miss going for long walks with you ever since you started having shortness of breath. Can we make an appointment for you to speak with a doctor?